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Becoming a Youth Ambassador

Want to learn about different cultures? Want to learn about a different school? Want to share your knowledge while learning invaluable life skills, such as public speaking, in the process?  Then why not become a Youth Ambassador for Giving Africa.

As a Youth Ambassador you can: 

  • Meet lots of different people as you tell them about the Bethel School, our challenges and our aims.
  • Become a happy and confident learner as you learn more about Burkina Faso, Africa and third-world countries in general.
  • Understand that while you are doing all this wonderful work for Giving Africa, sometimes change cannot be measured.
  • An opportunity for you to own your creativity as you consider new, fun and interesting ways to tell the Giving Africa story. Better yet, the knowledge that you can share this with your fellow Youth Ambassadors.
  • Learn about how you can solve tricky problems that really make a difference to others
  • Gain transferable skills in public speaking, marketing, international development, social change

If you would like to join Celeste, our inaugural Youth Ambassador, then please do contact eleanor@givingafrica.org and you can all the information you need to get started including how being a Youth Ambassador fits with the UK National Curriculum.