Why We Do It


Giving Africa is a small charity with a big heart, that focuses its efforts on supporting communities living in a relatively small locality in the north of Burkina Faso, West Africa.

Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world; it ranks 183 of 188 on the UN’s Human Development Index (HDI). Almost half the population live below the poverty line. The adult literacy rate is just 37.75% and the country has the second lowest school enrolment rate in the world. (Unesco 2015)

We fundamentally believe that Africa is spiritually wealthy, a notion that is explained by Craig Goldblatt here.  The exchange of wealth is one of the bedrocks of Giving Africa where we believe that Burkina Faso is spiritually rich by having one of the strongest community support systems in the world.

Our mission is to create learning environments that empower children to lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty.

Our vision is an Africa whose children have the opportunity to realize their true potential through education, and to live healthy, prosperous lives.

Our belief is that everybody has the ability to learn and make a real difference, given the opportunity.

Giving Africa’s work is shaped by the UN goals for Sustainable Development:

Sustainable development goals shaped by the UN being applied to Burkina Faso

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Global goals help to galvanize global efforts. They are essential for social mobilization. Adopting goals globally helps individuals, organizations and governments worldwide to agree on a direction and to focus on what really matters for our future.

Our three year plan Giving Africa 3 Year Plan can be found here

Our Memorandum and Articles M&A will be available soon