What exactly is it we do?

We are fully aware that it can be very difficult to see exactly what we do and the impact that it can have so here it is outlined for you:

You need to know that Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world with an adult literacy rate of 36%, where jobs are incredibly hard to come by and where decisions like which family member is going to eat have to be made.

We can't solve all those issues but we are empowering young students with the ability to start to break the cycle of poverty by equipping them with relevant skills.  We aim for Bethel School to be a self-sustaining entity; a fundamental goal that we and our supporters are striving towards.

How is Bethel School going to be self-sustaining?

Teaching African children fundamentals of growing produce

Cultivating Minds

Our Cultivating Minds programme is teaching students the fundamentals of growing produce in a country where there are high levels of food insecurity.  This produce currently goes towards our Food for Thought programme and with expanding land to cultivate we hope that excess crops can be sold to the wider community


Teaching Burkina Faso students sewing and business fundamentals

The Thriving Tailor

This course is open to both the male and female students, however it appears that the female students benefit more as their families allow them to stay in school longer to learn a craft that will eventually provide an income.  Along with sewing techniques, students are also taught fundamental business skills which will empower them to set up their own business.

Providing entrepreneurship and economic education to Burkina Faso

Entrepreneurship skills

We have recently awarded a grant to JA Africa to provide basic economic education to 300 students by allowing them to organize and operate an actual business hopefully within the school grounds.




Infographic on educating African children in Burkina Faso

Giving Africa's Model of Excellence shows how we are working towards our goal of sustainability.  Empowering the students is fundamental to our success.

Providing a quality and relevant education can be used to break the cycle of poverty.

Breaking poverty and working towards sustainability for African children in Burkina Faso