How do we help the students earn an income to raise themselves and their families out of poverty?

In a country where unemployment rates are hight, we asked the students, teachers and parents to help us identify what skills are needed to provide the best chance of employment or support for setting up their own businesses.  As a results, we have started to run 2 vocational programmes and are working with partners to develop these further.

Both of these programmes have the added benefit of giving the students confidence in their ability to provide for their families.  We are also providing additional entrepreneurial skills programmes to the students


The Thriving Tailor programme which teaches the students sewing, dressmaking and business skills. This not only enables students to be able to make clothes for themselves and their families, we also envisage them making the school uniforms, helping the school become sustainable and eventually setting up their own businesses.  You can provide a student with a place on the Thriving Tailor programme with a donation below.

£130 can provide a student access to this programme

Cultivating Minds is our agricultural programme which teaches the children to grow food helping develop a future occupation but also provides produce for the Food for Thought programme.  Our aim is to enable the students to sell some of their produce through the school helping the sustainability of the school while also learning business skills.  You can provide a student access to the Cultivating Minds programme by making a donation below

£130 can provide a student access to this programme