"such a small gesture which can help change the entire future of a child, why would you not do it?"

- a thought from one of our child sponsors


Sponsoring a child or a teacher at Bethel School works, but don’t take our word for it…


“Sponsorship helps to give me the clothes and books as before my parents could not have afforded them.  I am able to have food too when some days I didn’t. Because of all this my daily work and studies are much better.”



“Sponsorship means so much to me as I lost both my parents a few years ago and I would definitely not be at school unless I had this support.  If I didn’t have the support I would have to be married by now.  I do not know my sponsor, but I would love to meet him and to ask God to bless him and give him what he wants in life.  Every day I am just happy to be alive and grateful for the life that I have that my parents no longer have – daily life is a motivation for me – going to school, seeing friends, having a future.  I want to help others to have this.”


Sponsoring a student changes lives for those in Burkina Faso

Food for Thought

  Our aim is for 900 students to benefit from the nourishment and nutrition that this meal would give them.



Smart Thinking

Providing a student with school fees and medical expenses (including an annual health check)



Heart of Gold

Providing a student with everything in Smart Thinking + access to the Food for Thought programme



As a child sponsor we will send you regular updates on your student and medical reports where relevant.  Your sponsored child will tell you how your sponsorship directly helps them and their family.

We ask for a minimum of 2-years sponsorship which will give the child some security.

It really does work - in 2017, 4 of our sponsored students are going off to University - we are incredibly proud of our students and thankful to our sponsors! That makes a total of 6 sponsored students who are attending University!


Sponsor a Teacher

Sponsoring a teacher provides a consistent, relevant and quality education for the students at Bethel School, Burkina Faso

My vision for my students is for them to become successful and important people in Burkina Faso – if I see them to go onto great things then that will be very important to me.’  Bali Jules Nebie, Biology teacher at Bethel School

 You can help children in Burkina Faso gain a quality education by sponsoring a teacher at Bethel School – helping to fund the teachers salary but also with the potential to support their development through mentoring and training.

Students cannot receive quality instruction without well trained and motivated teachers.

At Bethel School – being a charity run establishment – there is also the risk of a high turnover of the teaching team due to Government run (and therefore funded) schools paying a higher salary than at Bethel. Inconsistent teaching can lead to classes having less quality lessons and a decrease in motivation of the staffing team.  In training a teacher you are not only supporting the children but also the teacher’s own development and future.

A yearly salary for a teacher in Burkina Faso is around £4,500.

You can sponsor a teacher by making a monthly or yearly contribution to the Teacher sponsorship fund, or perhaps you can bring your company or group together to jointly sponsor a teacher or group of teachers’ salaries each year.

£375 covers a monthly salary for one teacher – this would be a £31.25 a month donation for 1 year

£1,500 would pay for a teacher for one term – this would be a £125 a month donation for 1 year

£4,500 would pay for a teacher for one full year – this would be a £375 monthly donation for 1 year

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