Want to know how Giving Africa changes a life? It's right here

Safieta is one of the students who was sponsored while she was at Bethel School and is now being sponsored through university by the same person. The strength of the bond between sponsor and sponsee has ensured that Safieta’s life has changed. Don’t take our word for it!

I write to thank you for your support for Bethel. Your support has helped me in my life as it allows me to stay in school until lately, and I am proud that I will pursue further studies at university. I have loved Bethel very much, and I have obtained both my BEPC and my BAC there, and I find that Bethel is different from other institutions. When I was there the canteen helped me to have time to work. I ate well, and my family was happy because I did not disturb them during the day for food. In my family we don’t have enough to eat because if does not rain abundantly and therefore the crops are poor. Thanks to you I will be able to move forward towards achieving my objectives.

YOU too can make a difference.

YOUR help is needed

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