5-ways to put your best foot forward!

Thanks to all you wonderful people who raised money last year.  We are now in the position to feed nearly 300 students at Bethel School, BUT there are nearly 1000 students who desperately need your help.

Here's your step-by-step guide to barefooting:

1. Do you want to go barefoot? If yes, then read on.  If no, there are plenty of other ways you can raise money for Giving Africa read here

2. What would you like to do barefoot? Try walking? running? do you do yoga? 

3. Decide if you want to do this solo or as part of a group.  If solo, then challenge yourself and tell us about it.  If part of a group, what challenge are you going to set yourselves? And, tell us about it!

4. If you are fundraising for us, you can purchase a fundraising pack here.  This contains tips and further ideas.

5. Above all, have fun! And, thank you!