5 no-cost ways you can help a child

We know that time is short and pennies are precious so here is your definitive guide to how you can help a child at Bethel School without making a donation:

  1. Sign up to The Giving Machine (https://www.thegivingmachine.co.uk/causes/giving-africa/) and GIVE FOR FREE every time you shop online. It's simple, easy and FREE!
  2. Talk to your friends about Bethel School and what we are working towards - Empowering children so they can empower themselves.  The more people who know the more people can help.
  3. Talk to your friends about our Barefoot Challenge; what can they do Barefoot to raise awareness of the charity and try something just a little bit different?
  4. Talk to your children's school - are any of the students wanting to become a Youth Ambassador? (to find out more contact eleanor@givingafrica.org)
  5. Share, share, share - we love telling you all about the school and Burkina Faso.  We are creating more programmes for the students so do keep and eye on our website, the Facebook page and Twitter