5 Barefoot Crafts for Father's Day

Yes, Father's Day is nearly here! The 18th June to be precise.  It can be tricky to decide what do get for your Father; instead of buying something, why not try one of these gorgeous Barefoot Father's Day crafts instead:

1.  Walk in my Father's Shoes

How adorable is this? And is very simple to do even with small people who don't sit still!  All that's required is a canvas that's big enough to fit a shoe on, maybe two colours of paint and a paint brush.

2. Canvases for all.

More paint required, and more colours but this would look gorgeous on any wall.

3. For the more adventurous a lovely rocket ship:

4. Get moving!  Look at these barefoot trucks!  Any small kid would love making them and any big kid would love receiving them!

5. And for some, there is not enough Star Wars in the world.  We love these!! Chewbacca is particularly good!

It would be great to see what you decide to create for Father's Day!