Who are you spoiling Ambassador?

Giving Africa Ambassador

Do you like learning new things? Do you like talking to people; teaching them new things? Are you passionate? Do you want to help make a change?

For pretty much everyone, the answer is yes to all of the above and we can give you a very straightforward way to achieve all of the above... by becoming a Giving Africa Ambassador.  We have some wonderful Ambassadors who are already helping us; those who are in school, those who work, volunteers... the list goes on.  Can you do the same?

At Giving Africa, we aim to set the students at Bethel School, Burkina Faso up with the knowledge and skills to earn an income to raise themselves and their families out of poverty. We have done this by setting up an Entrepreneurial Skills course (already resulting in 7 new businesses), an Agricultural Skills course (which provides food for the school kitchen and produce is sold in the local market to provide an income) and a Sewing Skills course to teach our students tailoring and business skills so they can set up on their own.

Can you help us raise awareness of the work that we are doing? Can you tell 5 people about what we do? Can you tell 10 people? Even 15?

I did an experiment.  During 1 hour of errands I told 5 people about Giving Africa.  At the post office, the supermarket, while I was waiting for my coffee and the 2 friends I was having coffee with.  That's 5 more people who know about what we do. In a very short space of time.

Can you spoil us by becoming an Ambassador and doing the same?

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