Solar power in action....

In November 2017 we received some solar units from BBoXX and asked some students, some families, a teacher and a member of our NGO AEAD to test them out.  

The results were delightful!

Bethel Secondary School, and, indeed, its surrounding area is in a part of Burkina Faso where electricity is not that, well, reliable.  Not only that but there are a number of families that don't have access to electricity, nor can they afford to.

Giving Africa decided to see what the outcome would be if we asked some of our community members to test the boxes for us and let us know what they thought.

The results, as they say, are in!

Learning about the BBoXX units



After a training session, learning about how to fit and work the units, the units were taken home..




The solar panels were fitted...

BBoXX Solar Panels at a house in Burkina Faso


 the home




... and at work

BB0XX Solar Panels in a shop, Burkina Faso

When we asked those who trialled the BBoXX solar panel units what difference it had made to their lives the results ranged from saving money on electricity bills and being able to study at home to being able to make an income by charging neighbours to use the electricity to making residents feel more safe as they were now able to have an outdoor light.

Giving Africa are truly delighted with the results and are now working with AEAD to see how we can expand the use of solar panels and create our own solarpreneurs!

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