Are you wealthy?

A question for you and there is no right or wrong answer...When you think about wealth, what first comes to mind? Money? House? Fancy cars? Nice restaurants? Clothes?

What is your definition of wealth?

I'll tell you mine.  To me it's conjures up an image of a nice house, with beams, a gravel driveway, a certain supermarket's food in the fridge, items from a shop that has never knowingly undersold, perhaps a nice holiday in a villa during the summer holidays, sitting by the fire with the dog and children.

But what is missing there? It's crazy when you see it, and, indeed, it alarms me.  There's one small mention about family, no mention at all about community, about helping others.

And I'm not a bad person... I am just a westerner.

With that in mind, we can have another think about wealth.  Do we think about a simpler time when we bought what we needed, we spoke to our neighbours over the fence, looked after our families in a more hands on fashion.  When there were no mobile phones or TV (now that seems like a luxury; to be without a mobile phone for a weekend).

If we look at our second version of wealth, the students at Bethel School are wealthier than you or I could possibly ever be.  What can we learn from them? What could you give up for even a short period of time? Our Barefoot Challenge is one thing you could do; find out for yourselves how the students at Bethel feel.

What will yours be?