Things to be Thankful for

What Simone's sponsors are thankful for...

(The students at my daughter's school in Canada got together and raised some money so they could sponsor Simone for 2 years.  Something that they are very proud of - as they should be.)

This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada and is based on the traditional harvest festival that we have in the UK.  This weekend Canadians will be heading home to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. As such it was a great time for the grade 1 students (who are 6 years old - my daughter's class) to reflect on what they are thankful for - and to practice their spelling at the same time.

As a school volunteer I sat with some of these gorgeous children to help them come up with things that they are thankful for.  For a 6-year old it is quite tricky as they tend not to have a concept of what other people don't have in order to be thankful for what they have.  So, we concentrated on what they have and the answers were delightful.

Everyone said they were thankful for their parents and their family (apart from my daughter who, 3-years on, is still reeling from the appearance of her younger brother), their pets, their favourite soft toy and then the items dwindled out.

Then the conversation really started.  How we can just assume we have things; we never think where food is going to come from, if we are sick we can get some medicine very easily, if we are hot or cold we can change our clothes and have air conditioning and heating.

Then the list started again.  






and one gem:

Myself.  It is true - we have to be thankful for ourselves, for who we are.

What are you thankful for?

What are you thankful for?