Fill a tummy, nourish a mind

The basic need...

Every human, has the right to food, to education, and to an opportunity for success. Giving Africa are  aiming to fulfill the basic needs of every person at Bethel School - and give every student the foundation they need to create a successful environment.

We believe that poverty can be combated with an open and accessible education system. But this education will be wasted on children who are too hungry to focus, and realize their full potential. We need to arm tomorrow’s generation with knowledge and health. 


Food for Thought Programme - Bethel School - Burkina Faso


The fight we face…

It’s no easy feat, attempting to overcome poverty in a country such as Burkina Faso. The people face extremely difficult circumstances. Erratic rains, poor harvests and an ongoing financial crisis contribute to the difficulty to obtain food.

And yet, we must not forget what a beautiful community surrounds Bethel Secondary School. The community of Gourcy has a wonderful attitude of sharing and togetherness. Their respect for one another ensures that no one is left behind. What we give to Gourcy in resources and time, we get back a thousand times over in inspirational ideas and values.

Food for Thought programme, Bethel School, Burkina Faso

Our end goal...

Our dream is to facilitate the creation of a strong, self-sufficient community, rich with innovative ideas and a whole range of vocational skills. A place where generations ahead can look forward to prosperous and happy lives, thanks to the hard work of their ancestors.

With all the work we do at Bethel Secondary School, we fully acknowledge that in order to effectively learn the students must have the right nutrition. Our Food for Thought programme provides that nutrition as each student in the programme receives a meal each day they are in school.

Help us to provide essential sustenance to more students to ensure they are able to learn effectively, graduate from school and be in a position to raise themselves and their families out of poverty.

Food for Thought programme, Bethel School, Burkina Faso