Here's a quick [+ free] way to prevent a child from going hungry

and the even better thing - it takes 15 seconds to do!

When you install Giving Machine ( on your computer, every time you shop online the retailer gives us a % of your shopping basket.  Not you, the retailer.  All of the major supermarkets, insurance companies, online clothing stores, even entry to museums, the list goes on.

So far our 26 givers have raised £806 which is the equivalent of feeding one child in our Food for Thought programme for 9 years or 4 children for 2 years*.

So, the next time you do your weekly shop or buy birthday presents, or when Christmas comes around, you could be helping children at Bethel at the click of a mouse.

Thank you.

*calculations have been rounded.

Are you wealthy?

A question for you and there is no right or wrong answer...When you think about wealth, what first comes to mind? Money? House? Fancy cars? Nice restaurants? Clothes?

What is your definition of wealth?

I'll tell you mine.  To me it's conjures up an image of a nice house, with beams, a gravel driveway, a certain supermarket's food in the fridge, items from a shop that has never knowingly undersold, perhaps a nice holiday in a villa during the summer holidays, sitting by the fire with the dog and children.

But what is missing there? It's crazy when you see it, and, indeed, it alarms me.  There's one small mention about family, no mention at all about community, about helping others.

And I'm not a bad person... I am just a westerner.

With that in mind, we can have another think about wealth.  Do we think about a simpler time when we bought what we needed, we spoke to our neighbours over the fence, looked after our families in a more hands on fashion.  When there were no mobile phones or TV (now that seems like a luxury; to be without a mobile phone for a weekend).

If we look at our second version of wealth, the students at Bethel School are wealthier than you or I could possibly ever be.  What can we learn from them? What could you give up for even a short period of time? Our Barefoot Challenge is one thing you could do; find out for yourselves how the students at Bethel feel.

What will yours be?

5 glorious family summer activities

Oh yes!! The summer holidays are looming and many parents are wondering how to fill the 6 or 8 week gap...

Some are off on lovely holidays in the sun some are staying at home, for those of you who are looking for a little inspiration, look no further - your 5 glorious family summer activities are here....

1.  Zombie Challenge

Oh yes, this challenge gets everyone up on their feet as you team up and escape from the zombies!  The app can be downloaded onto your phone for a small cost of £19.95 (25% of which goes to Giving Africa) - grab a family team and see what you can do! Hurry, the challenge starts on 24th July! For more information click here:

2. Your own family Barefoot Challenge

Understanding how the children at Bethel School feel as many of them walk to school barefoot is really only achieved by going Barefoot and feeling the earth beneath your feet, taking things a little slower - there are many different things you can do barefoot from walking the dog, perhaps doing some family yoga or doing some crafts.  For more on the Barefoot Challenge, click here: for crafts, do check out these inspirational ideas from pinterest[]=summer%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=crafts%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=feet%7Ctyped

3. Get Baking!

On a rainy day (there are bound to be some!) why not get your children involved in baking some lovely cakes that they can sell to raise money for Giving Africa?  Click here for a lovely, really easy recipe courtesy of Mary Berry herself:

4. Do something you have never done before!

As a family what have you never done before? A visit to the New Forest? a castle? a farm?  Click here for further inspiration in your local area:

5. Tell the family about Burkina Faso and Africa!

We are starting our Youth Ambassador programme in September.  This gives pupils at schools in the UK the opportunity to tell their peers about Burkina Faso and Bethel School.  This teaches students presentation skills, mirrors elements of the UK school curriculum and, for older students, there is the opportunity to sit in on Trustee Meeting providing invaluable experience for those who may want to enter business.  To learn more please do contact

5 Barefoot Crafts for Father's Day

5 Barefoot Crafts for Father's Day

Stuck with ideas of what to create for Father's Day? Here are some gorgeous Barefoot Crafts you can create that will adorn walls forever!

5-ways to put your best foot forward!

5-ways to put your best foot forward!

Your step-by-step guide to the barefoot challenge