There are many ways you can raise funds for Giving Africa and the work that we do.  Here are some suggestions; let your imagination take you away!  We are always here for help. Contact us here


Cake Sale

Who doesn't like cake? A cake sale is a great way for children to be involved in fundraising for Giving Africa.  They can develop their skills in the kitchen creating delicious treats for sale at school and to friends and family. Or why not make it competitive like a favourite UK TV show?


Copper Pot

We've all heard of the expression 'look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves' well, bearing in mind just £7 feeds a child for a month at Bethel School, why not have a pot in your house for all those coppers - it can all add up!


Climb every mountain...

Some of our supporters (including our Founder, CEO and Ambassadors) have climbed Mt Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Giving Africa.  This experience is not only a personal achievement but creates life long bonds with your fellow climbers.  Inspiration can be found through incredible landscapes - changing day by day from lush jungle to volcanic scree to snow caps, as well as the amazing porters who leap up the mountain - often in just flip flops!  You will come away with friendships, appreciation of your limits, the joy of achieving such a feat and a love of the African people and landscapes.  Truly an event of a lifetime. We work with experienced challenge organizers Action Challenge to ensure this trek is organized smoothly and safely - having experienced trek leaders as well as a Doctor accompanying you on the climb.

Read what happened with Caroline, our CEO, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro here

Get the party started!

Why not host a fundraising event? This doesn't have to be taken on by an individual, you can form a committee, ask at your children's school, your place of work; there are many ways that you can raise money for Giving Africa and host a wonderful event with your friends, family and colleageues at the same time.  Former Trustee Chris' (ahem) 40th birthday party was ticketed and barefoot, we have also seen coffee mornings and other forms of gathering.  Please do get into contact with us for more ideas and support:


Complete a sponsored event

Do you like cycling? Running marathons? Triathlons? Swimming? Or being the very supportive supporter? Have you thought about using a sponsored event as a way to complete a long-wished for goal?  You can join an already organized challenge or set one up on your own.  There are no limits...  For more information please do contact us here: