Empower a child to learn by giving them a nutritious meal at Bethel School Burkina Faso Food for Thought

Feed a child in our Food for Thought Programme

YOU can help...

In the run up to Christmas there are many ways in which YOU can help us raise money for the children in our Food for Thought programme so they can get as much as possibly out of school:

  1. Subscribe to Giving Machine (https://www.thegivingmachine.co.uk/causes/giving-africa/) and let the retailer do the giving as you go about your online shopping.

  2. Spread the word to your colleagues, childrens' schools, friends and family about the work we do. Only £10 a month feeds a child - that's £120 a year - can they do a fundraising event? For ideas click here: https://www.givingafrica.org/fundraising/

The most Thoughtful gift...

Why not sponsor a child through our Food for Thought programme in the name of someone else? 

The recipient would receive a personalized email notification of the donation in their name and be told about the importance of the programme for the pupils of Bethel School, Burkina Faso.

A gift that can change a life...



Burkina Faso Food for Thought programme, Bethel School

Sponsor a child for your family

It is true that on the run up to Christmas we tend to buy ourselves a little something - it is very tempting while walking around the shops and looking at things online.  This year, why not sponsor a child instead?  It's easy to do and the difference you can make is tangible.

Add another child to your family

This is why it's so important...

There have been so many studies about the effects of good nutrition and performance at school.  We know that being hungry decreases our level of concentration and changes our behaviour - let's set these children up for success - together.