Encouraging Entrepreneurship


Create learning environments to empower children to lift themselves, their family and their community from poverty

Our projects and work in Burkina Faso and with Bethel School involve working to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem in which children can thrive.

We have been working with JA Africa providing entrepreneurial skills, work readiness and financial literacy empowering the students to set up their own businesses and furnish them with the skills to succeed in a global market.  

Already 5 student companies have been formed and will be working on the following business ideas:

  1. Production and sale of chicken and guinea fowl,
  2. Production of laying chickens and sale of eggs,
  3. Production and sale of rabbits,
  4. Production and sale of cakes, and
  5. Production and sale of mosquito repelling liquid soap. 

Participating students have been instructed by JA Africa staff and volunteers working along the same model lines as Citrus Saturday.  

Citrus Saturday is an excellent UCL developed programme which offers toolkits that give students specific enterprise skills.  Students will become trainers, transferring their knowledge to the school, their peers and local communities.  Those who are inspired to set up their own businesses will then have access to an 'Entrepreneur fund' to seed fund their business ideas.  The support for the new Entrepreneurs from Bethel School will be enhanced by the 20 computers that Giving Africa purchased from Computer Aid in 2015.  The students have been learning basic IT, Word and Office skills.  

We are also aiming to provide an IT teacher, tablet learning (though KIO and BRCK) and opportunities to have meaningful connections to global entrepreneurs and networks.  Students can then begin to access worldwide, as well as local, knowledge to support their learning and help them to go on to gain employment or set up on their own when leaving school.

Giving Africa aims to empower the children of Bethel School and surrounding areas to become the next generation of leaders - giving them the choice to set up on their own, gain employment or access further education - thus lifting themselves and their communities from poverty.


Successful entrepreneurship students
Burkina Faso entrepreneurship students learning for employment
Entrepreneurship students in Burkina Faso aim to set up their own businesses
Bethel School entrepreneurship students graduate from successful vocational course
Female students learn entrepreneurship skills in Africa to set up their own businesses