Corporate Partnerships

Companies partnering with us enjoy a host of benefits.  We tailor projects with corporate supporters and work with them to plan a bespoke programme of activities and initiatives that meet the needs of the business, and that maximize the benefit felt by the children we exist to help.

Your organization can partner with us in a variety of ways:

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Commercial Partnerships

Your company could work with us to develop cause-related marketing projects, or take advantage of sponsorship opportunities.

Our partner, who have recently visited Burkina Faso and the school, have donated money to help develop our entrepreneurship skills programme, our BBOX programme which will set up solar energy tools and provide a source of self-sustaining income for the school.  They are also supporting through our KIO Tablets and BRCK Programme as well as supporting the employment of an IT Teacher.

Our partner The Bike Shed Company donated 100% of the proceeds of their bike lock sales which helped raise valuable funds for the school and developed the bike sheds and other facilities.


Company Involvement

Support us through financial donations or gifts-in-kind.

Radley Cross Market Garden are supporting our Cultivating Minds Agricultural Vocational Programme which is teaching our students how to grow crops which is not only teaching them a viable and relevant vocational skill but the crops grown are being used to feed the children in our Food for Thought programme.

Our partner Squires Kitchen support us in many ways, product donations, collections at exhibitions and gifts in kind such as hampers for raffle prizes – its amazing what a cake decorating  hamper will raise! 

Our partner Astute uses their weekly mufti (dress down) days to raise up to £500 a time for our work. Intrepid employees have climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and funded the amazing Coaching for Hope health and football training project we ran in March 2015.  The partnership is a true one, mutually beneficial and flexible.

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Employee Engagement

We can engage your company’s staff, through fundraising, volunteering and participation in challenge events. Our partner Maris Interiors took a group of their employees up the beautiful Mt Kilimanjaro – fostering team spirit and engagement as well as raising well over £40,000 to develop Bethel School.

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Customer Engagement

Our partner Keen on Bars  donates £1 for every fish and chip meal they sell in their bars.  This raises up to £2,000 per year – helping to feed over 25 children a vital meal each day.


Payroll Giving

A simple, easy and tax effective way for your staff to donate.