Burkina Faso’s Food Crisis: What’s happening?


Continuing security concerns in Burkina Faso (and across the border in Mali) means that Food Security is becoming more and more critical in Burkina Faso. A drought in 2017 already put crops in danger, and, although harvest should be good in 2018/19, security concerns have affected markets, trade and livelihoods.


What is Giving Africa doing?

  1. Providing food for students at Bethel School through the Food for Thought program.

  2. Providing agricultural training through the Cultivating Minds program.

  3. Creating self-sustainability as crops go to the school canteen and to local market.

What you can do

  1. Help us bring this issue to more people’s attention by sharing our social media pages.

  2. Donate £10 or even £10/month to enable us to ensure our students do not become a statistic.


Just £10 or even £10/month will provide a student a nutritious meal while at Bethel School.