Bethel School

A Quality Education


Although Burkina Faso is a materially poor country, the wealth of spirit and community, along with the children’s passion for education and change is inspiring.

Our aim is to create a model of excellence at Bethel Secondary School providing a quality and relevant education to all pupils.

A local, well respected NGO, AEAD, manages the school in Gourcy one of Burkina Faso's most deprived areas. Prior to Giving Africa’s partnership with AEAD, the school faced enormous challenges.

It was clear that there was a great need for change at Bethel, but also huge potential to create a school that would offer real opportunities for its children to break out of the cycle of poverty that has defined their families for generations. Through the success of its pupils, the school could be a catalyst for change.

In 2011, in conjunction with Article 25, we conducted a feasibility study into the potential of Bethel Secondary School in Gourcy. The findings of the report and our solutions to the challenges faced are shown below.


The new classrooms are “very inspiring and the children are very proud of themselves and they enjoy the lessons more; the temperature is also much more controlled – not too hot or too cold.”  Paul Ouedraogo, Teacher at Bethel School.


Giving Africa is really proud of the achievements at Bethel School since we started work with AEAD in 2010.  Although our primary focus is on the skills that children of Burkina Faso need to gain employment after leaving school, we would like to further develop the structure and facilities of the school by:

  • Creating a girls dormitory
  • Creating a library and other learning spaces
  • Creating a food preparation area
  • Creating a Reception / security area
  • Making substantial improvements to the existing classrooms (ceilings, lighting, shade)
  • Adding a sports area with changing facilities and first aid room.

We have come so far, but there is so much more we can do with your support…