Mentoring the students of Burkina Faso


Do you have skills that you can share?

We are looking for professionals with skills in coaching, life skills, marketing, use of technology, people management, advertising, networking, finance, business development.

Giving Africa's new project, in conjunction with JA Africa, involves teaching 300-350 of the students key entrepreneurial and business skills - giving them the opportunity to create a business idea and potentially earn seed funding.  This is a huge step in our aim to empower students with choice - choice to go onto further education, set up a business of their own or to gain employment.  

The students receiving the training will be split into groups and, as part of the training,  these groups will be linked to a mentor to help them develop their business idea.  We are looking for approximately 10 mentors to help the groups. 

There are two types of mentoring support that will be needed: 

1. One off business skills session - early July and October 2017. We are aiming to give the students 30 minutes sessions learning specific skills from existing business leaders. This can be done either live or pre-recorded.

2. Ongoing mentor - until October 2017 - to support students until the end of their course, helping develop their business ideas via Skype, email and WhatsApp. We anticipate this would be for 2/3 hours a month.

The type of mentors can be varied and the main requirement is that they have experience of setting up a business/working within a business environment for many years or working within the entrepreneurial field.