To Bare or not to Bare?

To Bare or not to Bare?


That is, indeed, the question.

It hasn’t escaped our attention here at Giving Africa that there appears to be a spate of barefootedness in the celebrity world.  Yay, we say. Let’s bare our feet.  But it does beg the question, however, why is bareing feet deemed to be so unusual; so newsworthy.

There have been a few people in recent months who have been chased by law-enforcement officers and the first thing that is stated about them is that they are barefoot.  Recently a female celebrity was seen barefoot in an airport and the article written about it (for there was an article expressed consternation at the celebrity’s seeming lack of thought when it came to hygiene and potential hazards.  Then a second article was published with a very reasonable reason why said celebrity was barefoot (for those interested we many now rest easy.

Why is being barefoot deemed to be noteworthy? Why do people have such an issue with other people being barefoot?

I did a poll and the answers ranged from the fact that it is unhygienic and unsanitary to perhaps people are just unsure of anything considered outside the ‘norm’.  If being barefoot is a personal choice, why is there such consternation? The answer to that question is that we have no idea. So, in the words of our top barefoot Allan : Be Brave!

What can you do to challenge the ‘norm’? To go barefoot?  Join us in our own personal Barefoot Challenges!