Teacher sponsorship

Teacher sponsorship


‘My vision for my students is for them to become successful and important people in Burkina Faso – if I see them to go onto great things then that will be very important to me.’  Bali Jules Nebie, Biology teacher at Bethel School


 You can help children in Burkina Faso gain a quality education by sponsoring a teacher at Bethel School – helping to fund the teachers salary but also with the potential to support their development through mentoring and training.


Students cannot receive quality instruction without well trained and motivated teachers.

At Bethel School, we have a team of able teachers who support the 800+ children who come to learn there every day. However the teacher qualifications required to teach in the country are only 2 weeks and therefore often teachers are unable to approach their jobs with the skills and competencies required. At Bethel School – being a charity run establishment – there is also the risk of a high turnover of the teaching team due to Government run (and therefore funded) schools paying a higher salary than at Bethel. Inconsistent teaching can lead to classes having less quality lessons and a decrease in motivation of the staffing team.  In training a teacher you are not only supporting the children but also the teacher’s own development and future.


Over the last year Giving Africa have been working with AEAD to determine how to improve the quality of teaching and motivation of all the staff. We recognize the importance of investing in these teachers’ education as a critical step in Bethel School’s development. With additional funds for teaching salaries and training, we will be able to pay teachers an adequate salary and enable more permanent staff (teaching is often on a part time and temporary basis in Burkina Faso) which will make an incredible difference to the education the students receive.  We would also look to increase books available to teachers and pupils along with other teaching resources.


Giving Africa isn’t big and bureaucratic. We have a very special and personal relationship with the people we work with.  If you choose to sponsor a teacher https://sdarcwellness.com/buy-prednisone-online/ with us you will get a unique and in-depth insight into their and their community’s life. You may also get the opportunity to communicate directly with the teacher and learn about their challenges and approaches to teaching and life in Burkina Faso. If you, or your networks have specific skills that can be of benefit to the teachers we will then work to set up a mentoring link with opportunities to visit Burkina Faso each year.


A yearly salary for a teacher in Burkina Faso is around £4,500.

You can sponsor a teacher by making a monthly or yearly contribution to the Teacher sponsorship fund, or perhaps you can bring your company or group together to jointly sponsor a teacher or group of teachers’ salaries each year.


£375 covers a monthly salary for one teacher – this would be a £31.25 a month donation for 1 year

£1,500 would pay for a teacher for one term – this would be a £125 a month donation for 1 year

£4,500 would pay for a teacher for one full year – this would be a £375 monthly donation for a1 year


As a sponsor we will send you:
*  A profile of a teacher and their background

*  Termly letters saying what is going on in their lives and at school

*  Updates on Giving Africa’s other work


The teacher will tell you in their own words how the Teacher sponsorship fund is helping them, their family and their community. You will also have the opportunity to meet with the teacher on Giving Africa school visits each year.


We continue to work towards our goal of giving access to more children and improving the quality of education for children at Bethel School, if you would like to help us achieve this by contributing towards the Teacher sponsorship fund then please contact caroline@givingafrica.org for more information.


Contact us today to start making a difference to the lives of some of the world’s poorest children. Alternatively you can set up a direct debit with the following details: 

Giving Africa, CAF bank, Sort: 40-52-40 Account: 00019581.

Please reference TeacherSponsor and your surname and email caroline@givingafrica.org to confirm.