Giving Africa School Partnership

Giving Africa School Partnership

Giving Africa are thrilled to have Hurstbourne Tarrant Primary School as their first School partner. With children and teachers in the UK and Burkina building relationships there will be wonderful opportunities for shared learning, cultural awareness and appreciation of our families and communities.

The partnership launched officially at the school on Friday 2nd October with activities throughout the day such as:

School Collective worship: The whole school was given an introduction to Giving Africa, Burkina faso and Bethel School with great discussions about the similarities and differences between our two countries and schools

Class activities: Classes composed letters to the students of Bethel School, researched Burkina Faso’s environment and animals and generally discussed the comparisons  of our two countries e.g. landscape, food, culture and religion

Food station: Our team ran a food station for the children to sample some of the traditional food of Burkina Faso with Riz Graz (fat rice!) and Haricot Verts (beans) going down surprisingly well (along with an even more popular Burkina Faso sweet!)

Celebration assembly: The classes had the opportunity to feedback their research, letters and paintings to parents and visitors

The launch day was the first of a variety of events that will be held throughout the year.  The students, their parents and the teachers of Hurstbourne Tarrant will also be engaged in the partnership through:

  • The election of a year 6 Giving Africa partnership ambassador
  • The involvement of the School council in a possible fundraising drive for specific items such as footballs, sports kits, and books
  • Donating old school books and resources that are no longer needed – especially related to english/french and mathmatics
  • Teacher mentoring and communications on teaching challenges and styles
  • Dress down days to request donations for the school such as pencils, note pads and school resources

Partnering Bethel School with schools in the UK is a fabulous opportunity for children and adults alike to find out about how our lives are similar and different to those in other countries and to become truly global citizens.

If you are involved in a school and are interested in a partnership then please do contact