Nowhere to Run

Nowhere to Run


I hate running.

I appreciate a huge amount of people thoroughly enjoy running, raise vast sums of money for charity and get fit in the process.

I know I shall offend with this statement but just I don’t see the point.

It’s that simple.

For exercise there are lots of sportsing opportunities of the team game nature, a bit of kickboxing, some Barre work (of the leg kind not the wine kind but sometimes I just wish…) and good old hiking through the woods getting lost and searching for wildlife.

So, it came with great consternation that I woke up one morning and discovered a treadmill in the house. It came as a great surprise when I found myself thinking I am going to start running.  And not only do run but run barefoot.

You see, I live in Canada.  A beautiful country, one with lovely, polite people, something called Poutine, another delicacy called Beaver Tails and a variety of rather bitey and some very cute wildlife.  As we venture into winter, any form of  outdoor exercise is bordering on risky as thoughts of donning layer upon layer of thermals to then dip a toe outside to encounter -40 are quickly put aside in favour of more indoor activities. Or at least those that can be done under cover  This lends itself very easily to eating comfort food and catching up on box sets.

For an active gal like myself however, exercise is still required. A busy schedule means that I tend to have to be in the gym at 6am.  Now, as the days get shorter that makes for a very chilly morning.  The solution?  Utilising the treadmill.



So here I go. My aim is to run a barefoot half marathon on the treadmill before the snow melts.  This is usually by April.

So, as the leaves turn their beautiful shade of oranges, reds and browns, I start my mission, my challenge.

For those who would love to support me, I am doing all of this for Giving Africa ( and their Barefoot Challenge.  Here is my Just Giving Page: