Nowhere to Run: Part Toe

Nowhere to Run: Part Toe

The past few days has seen a few occurrences.

The first was this:


Which lead to this:


and then this happened (and not in a magical way):


which lead to this:



Not as chilly as I thought it would be.

Thankfully, however, my treadmill is indoors but this doesn’t seem to alleviate the slight chill as I run looking out of the window at the snow falling. I know it’s all in my head!

This week I discovered what could be a peril of barefoot running or just running in general.  The very sore calf muscle. So sore in fact that it hurt when walking.  I do all manner of stretching pre- and post-exercise so and no other leg muscles are sore so I am of the opinion this is just my body shocked at a new form of exercise and a barefoot running one at that.

Any excuse for a massage.

My next challenge has been to find out what series I am going to watch next.  In lieu of starting out of the window at the falling snow I have been catching up on crime drama.  Any ideas gratefully received.

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