Welcome to Giving Africa

Dedicated to the eradication of poverty through the power of learning.


At The Core

  • Burkina Faso, West Africa

    Child Face

    Giving Africa’s work is focused on one of the world’s poorest countries; almost half the population live below the poverty line and it has the second lowest school enrolment rate in the world.  

  • Bethel School


    Bethel secondary school faces huge challenges with severe overcrowding and a very poor learning environment Giving Africa is working to vastly improve conditions at the school and to increase the number of student places.

  • Vocational Skills

    voc skills ceramics

    There is a great need to provide access to vocational skills training, in trades and crafts for which there is local demand and which offer employment opportunities. Our Vocational Skills Centre and Programme  will provide children with the tools they need…

  • Food


    Education is the key to a better future for Burkina’s children, but they wont learn if they are not physically fit and well. Often, children only get one meal a day, many are not so lucky and do not get…